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Finding a stand in an exhibition you haven’t been to before can be tricky, that’s why we also provide a list of exhibiting companies to make your visit easy.

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HITZone Global

HITZone Global is a breakthrough health and fitness studio business with franchises opening across the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.
We are committed to making a difference and believe people are better equipped to succeed in life if they have access to increased aliveness, vitality and wellbeing. Our passion and vision is to make this available and accessible to all people through our global network of HITZone studios.

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Bodystreet – The most successful way to fitness studio ownership. At Bodystreet we provide the support and systems to manage the ‘stuff’ so you can focus on the important part of building your business. If you’ve wanted an opportunity that surpasses the norm in the fitness industry that is backed by a SUCCESS GUARANTEE, then maybe a closer look is worth your time.

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