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Milano Cosmetics is a very successful hair and beauty business that has been established in Spain for many years with over 600 busy salons across Europe. All products are supplied direct to the salons from the factory at incredibly low prices.

There is now a unique opportunity to be part of the development of this innovative brand which has just launched in the UK with locations available in all areas across the country.

The franchise offers a new and exciting approach to how hairdressing salons operate with:

  • Fixed low prices for cutting, styling, bleaching and colouring
  • Walk in salons
  • Fast turnaround
  • Supply of bespoke hair and beauty products
  • Opportunity to add beauty treatments

The cost of entry for the first franchisees provides great value for money as it includes all salon equipment, furniture and products together with assistance in locating and negotiating on premises, full training in the management of a salon and recruitment of staff, a focussed local marketing plan to attract new customers from day one and an online management system that takes care of administrative tasks such as scheduling, stock control and product ordering. In short, all the support you will need to be successful very quickly.

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