Our manifesto

At Speak Like A Native, we’re passionate about language learning and see it as a way of helping people of all ages in the UK get more out of life. This is what drives us to bring our language programmes to wherever they are needed, whether in nurseries, schools, the workplace – or online when that’s more convenient.

Anyone can learn a language and everyone deserves the chance.

Our customers want courses that are meaningful and motivating. So we devote our time to developing and delivering inspiring programmes and try to make them accessible to all ages across the UK. The aim is always to create confident communicators in Spanish, French or Mandarin.

We’re more ‘lingo’ than ‘linguistics’ and we avoid bamboozling anyone with too many confusing rules. We see our job as making the language journey fun, celebrating achievements along the way and encouraging laughter when mistakes happen…and they will!

The Speak Like A Native family began life as an idea around the kitchen table. Through the dedication of our managers, office team and teachers, we now measure our weekly learners in their thousands. More Speak Like A Native clubs nationwide means more people get more out of life.

“This is an opportunity to teach life-changing language skills via an established brand and a protected territory” says founder Stuart Rubenstein. “We provide an operations manual, lesson plans, management software, ongoing mentor-support and training, with unlimited potential to grow a profitable franchise business that can eventually be sold on.”

Guided Language Participation

Our after-school language clubs are all about learning through play.

Children are exposed to the target language throughout the entire session, spontaneously learning new phrases while playing games in another language. This reflects the natural way we learn our mother tongue.

Children are encouraged to use the target language but never forced to do so. Pupils are not expected to recite parrot-fashion, so there are no tests to get stressed about.

“Our nursery sessions are based on the structured use of songs, rhymes, actions and stories to help children acquire a second language naturally and as close as possible to the way they acquire their mother tongue.” ~ Greta Grinfeld, SLAN Founder

“SLAN teachers are trained to motivate and put smiles on faces.” ~ Holly Taylor-Hall, SLAN Operations Manager

Our franchise package

“A SLAN franchisee is their own boss…but they are never alone.” ~ Barry Price, franchise expert at Speak Like A Native

Our franchise package consists of a comprehensive training package covering all aspects of the business operation. We provide:

A five-year franchise agreement
An exclusive territory with sole rights for development
A page on our Speak Like A Native site, social media accounts, hosted email, a business telephone number and IT support
A training programme for teachers
Marketing materials such as flyers and business cards
Advice on sourcing venues
Licensing rights to our range of 10/10 language programmes for children and adults
Ongoing support and a franchisee-mentoring scheme

“We’re here to support our franchisees as they grow their businesses.” ~ Les Jacobs, SLAN Director

“Every day is varied and full of business challenges. No regrets from me!” ~ Deborah Lagar, Speak Like A Native Franchisee

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